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Our Story

Let us introduce ourselves - We're Beth and Zoe... Two sisters forever bonded through our experiences of motherhood, a love for all things lunar and a desire to help others on their own journeys through life.


Casa Lunar was inspired by our own journeys into self-care, lunar love and the need for calm in the whirlwind of motherhood. Over a period of years, our own personal self-development led us to discover a range of practices that supported our self-care and which we wanted to share with others. We wanted to develop a community of like-minded individuals who could support each other throughout their different life stages.  


Zoe has been working for over six years helping others feel beautiful inside and out through her beauty & holistic business, Little Tropics Retreat. She is a member of The Beauty Guild and a qualified trainer and lecturer. Did we also forget to mention Zoe has eight years' experience working with children and has provided mindfulness and movement classes for children aged 3 – 11? So you know she's going to be wonderful with your 'Little Lunars'.


After discovering the power of hypnobirthing with her first little one, Beth qualified as a Calm Births hypnobirthing teacher in 2020 and has been supporting parents to prepare for calm and positive births ever since. Having been on her own journey of self-transformation since becoming a mum, Beth is a certified yoga teacher who loves to combine the teachings and practices  of yoga with mindfulness activities such as journalling.

Head Massage

Our Mission

We strive to provide high-end services to our clients within a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment; where all are welcome as they are.


Our talented therapists and yoga instructors are there to holistically support everybody who walks in. Our services are for every type of body - young, old, pre and postnatal and all those in between.


We provide a one of a kind opportunity for clients to enjoy a lifestyle focused on health and self-love.

Our Vision

Casa Lunar is more than just a beauty salon or yoga studio, it’s a complete mind body soul retreat. It is one of a kind - A place where liked minded souls have their needs met under one roof.  


Casa Lunar offers: 

  • Yoga sessions with an emphasis on feminine, lunar and seasonal yoga.
  • Sound baths and relaxation sessions.
  • Holistic therapies such as reiki, reflexology and massage (provided by Lunar Holistics). 
  • Hypnobirthing and antenatal education (provided by Your Birth Your Way).
  • Child friendly classes.

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